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E5 Group Business Conduct Guidelines

A distinguishing characteristic of a professional firm is the ability to combine ethical standards with the performance of technical skills.

The reputation of any organization depends on the conduct of its employees, business partners, suppliers, and shareholders alike. E5 group has established an outstanding reputation for ethical behaviour and has gained the respect and trust of the community.

To preserve the reputation we have earned, we have established the highest professional standards for the conduct and practices of all of our operations, standards that reflect our values – the E5 Group Business Conduct Guidelines.

It is the responsibility of each E5 Group employee, partner, supplier, and shareholder to exercise sound business judgement and act in ways that are consistent with E5 Group's basic values and principles. Our Business Conduct Guidelines provide an understanding of those responsibilities and help us meet our customer's expectations. The guidelines are purposely broadly stated and are not intended to be a complete tabulation of detailed instructions for every situation. They rely on each person's good judgement with the expectation that they will look beyond the specifics to the intent and spirit of the guidelines.

Each section of the guidelines deals with an area in which we have responsibilities:

Because of the continuing need to reassess and clarify our practices, the contents of "Conducting E5 Group's Business" will be posted on this web site and updated as required. E5 Group uses the guidelines in this section when making business decisions affecting our customers, partners, suppliers and competitors.

If you have any questions about these guidelines, or you feel that an unethical situation involving E5 Group has occurred, please contact the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . E5 Group will promptly review your report of unethical conduct while respecting your confidentiality.