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Data Center cooling systems have been virtually unchanged for 30 years, even though the IT equipment they are expected to manage changes every 3 years. This mismatch has become so intense that it delays implementation of advanced computing technology. Poor Data Center cooling threatens the smooth and secure operations of companies that do not have a "Thermal & Power Management Plan" for their Data Centers.

The E5 "Engineered Airflow Management System" is designed to intelligently and actively manage the airflow in data centers of any size. Our solution eliminates hotspots and saves up to 30% of cooling energy. The heart of the Engineered Airflow Management System is an advanced monitoring and control system. The system dynamically manages the flow of cooling air to the IT racks and exhausts hot air back to the Computer Room Air conditioning (CRAC) intake. It automatically compensates minute-by-minute for changes in cooling and IT load. It dramatically reduces electrical cost by improving cooling effectiveness. This saves you money.

Contact E5 for a detailed cooling survey and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis to determine the best airflow solution for your Data Center.

  • Monitors temperature of critical locations in the Data Center 24-7 and provides early warning
  • Simplifies capacity and expansion planning
  • Self heals Data Center airflow and cooling
  • Lowers cooling costs by 15-30%
  • Eliminates hot spots in real-time
  • Allows CRACs to be shutdown, creates free cooling redundancy
  • Easy installation and configuration
  • No downtime for site analysis or system installation
  • Silent, non-intrusive and robust
  • Compatible with ANY Data Center physical infrastructure
  • Integrates with Thermal Server Software for optimal performance
  • Expandable, reconfigurable
  • Combination of Best Practices and pre-engineered active airflow components
  • Complete installation by trained technicians
  • Field service for responsive maintenance
  • Periodic upgrades and ongoing support
  • Enables energy savings and longer IT equipment life through efficient distribution of cooling air