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Facilities Management

As critical infrastructure specialists, our services include a complete line of Facility Management plans for data centers and mission critical facilities. Our solutions provide maximum levels of support tailored to meet your individual needs. They are administered by experts in critical infrastructures who uphold a stringent commitment to industry and E5 critical infrastructure service standards.

By focusing exclusively on the mission critical facility, we have the multi-disciplinary skills, knowledge and experience to assure that your facility supports the critical mission of your business. We are experts at working in live environments, using precise proven procedures and meticulous techniques to manage service activities and system upgrades while maintaining maximum uptime.

  • In spite of the growing demand for qualified Mission Critical Facilities Managers, no educational institute provides the advanced formal training required. The majority of Mission Critical Facility Managers are self taught. Recognizing the need for specialized training, E5 has developed a leading edge Critical Facilities Management Education and Training Program for its facilities team members.
  • E5’s Critical Facility Managers have 3-5 years of training in the operation and management of critical facilities, including administering live system applications, environmental maintenance, facility budgeting, resource development and management, needs analysis, problem solving, and time management and scheduling. E5’s focus on education and training distinguishes our commitment as world class mission critical experts and our resolve to offer the best available service for our customers.
  • For E5 to ensure the highest standard of service we can only offer these services with products, systems, and architecture where we have complete unrestricted access to the information and manufacturers support required to provide the quality of service you and E5 demand.

Our Approach

We provide strategic facility management services that are tailored to meet your specific needs. Our focus is managing the improvement of your facility's performance while reducing operating costs and risk through activities such as maintenance management, facilities coordination, and comprehensive facility and property management solutions. Our solutions include:

    • Designing a Flexible, Cost Effective Program
      We have the tools to analyze your needs, define equipment, system and regulatory requirements, document the tasks, deliverables and schedule, determine resource responsibilities, and prepare a financial analysis of the costs / benefits and budget. We identify and limit risks that impact availability while balancing your budget against your business requirements.
    • Managing and Delivering Uptime
      Using key controls to ensure that all activities are executed, tracked and measured against the program plan, E5 will ensure your critical systems are maintained to quality standards within time and budget constraints so that they perform as intended. We provide single point responsibility for managing the work in a way that minimizes risk and achieves maximum uptime for the full life cycle of your facility.
    • Continuous Improvement
      In order to ensure we are meeting all of your expectations, E5 will schedule regular reviews with you to evaluate all aspects of the program, identify opportunities for improvement and determine if any additional services are required. We will provide specific prioritized recommendations, each with a cost/benefit comparison and schedule to evaluate before any program adjustments are made.

Custom-Built Service Levels

Every critical facility is unique and so are your requirements and preferences for emergency response, site supervision, technicians, management and reporting. We have structured our program to be flexible and have a number of basic service levels which will be tailored to suit your specific needs. A management program can be developed from any of the following broad-spectrum service models:

      • Facilities Maintenance Management
        A building manager and/or an in-house facilities manager may already in place but they may lack the expertise to manage the critical infrastructure segment. When contracted by your building management firm or facilities team, E5 will manage all aspects of the maintenance and repair of the critical infrastructure segment for you. The building manager provides the non critical maintenance management and E5 will provide the critical systems expertise and maintenance management.

        Our field service team may be performing work directly or overseeing the work of our co-partners, in either case an E5 facilities coordinator will ensure that one of our multi-disciplined field service technicians is present during all planned critical maintenance activities. Our technician’s comprehensive understanding of your entire critical infrastructure can prevent costly mistakes. In addition, should equipment or systems malfunction during testing, they are capable of providing immediate corrective action to prevent an outage.

        Using our proven tools and techniques we will collaborate with you to design a Maintenance Management program that suits your specific requirements.

      • Facilities Maintenance Coordination
        As with our Maintenance Management program, E5 works with your building / facilities manager to manage the preservation and performance of the critical infrastructure segment. Your organization may have the capabilities and resource levels to directly supervise most of the maintenance and repair activities being performed, but you may not have the resources or expertise to coordinate the many service providers and ensure quality standards are enforced.

        Our Facilities Coordinators ensure that your systems are maintained to our critical infrastructure quality standards, on time and within budget. Our Coordinators are familiar with the principles and practices of critical facilities operations, maintenance and management. They are knowledgeable of building codes and regulations and are effective communicators and problem solvers.

        We will work with you to determine how our collective resources and expertise are best deployed. We will ascertain the level of site supervision that is required and assign responsibilities accordingly. Our coordinators will schedule all maintenance activities in a way that minimizes risk and achieves maximum uptime for your critical facility.

        Using our proven tools and techniques we will collaborate with you to design a Facilities Coordination program that suits your specific requirements.

      • Total Facilities Management
        Where no building or facilities manager exists in or out of house, we team with a building management partner in order to collectively provide both soft and hard services to manage your entire facility. The partnership provides General Building Management, including repair and maintenance activities of common space, and the Critical Infrastructure Management including, repair and maintenance activities of the critical power and mechanical systems. This approach provides a very cost effective, efficient, high quality complete facilities management solution required to maintain and increase the value return of your facility.

        Using our proven tools and techniques we will collaborate with you to design a Facilities Management program that suits your specific requirements.


Facilities Management Team

It is said that most critical facility outages are caused by human error due to gaps in communication. With the increasing complexity and demands on critical facilities, open communication between Facilities Management and IT teams is essential. They must be familiar with each other’s businesses and work in unison to manage flexible planning, ensure the correct provision of equipment, and to understand the processes and risks involved. By establishing a unified team to capitalize on each other’s knowledge and experience both Facilities Management and IT benefit from creating streamlined, efficient, and cost effective solutions that can be implemented with minimum risk without communication gaps. Their collaborative effort enables a functional and reliable data centre from the onset that supplies the desired IT services to your company and the people who depend on them.

An E5 Facilities Management Team:

        • Is formed during the program design phase to establish a management plan that defines responsibilities, scheduling, and details of individual tasks and integrates formal processes to control and monitor all phases from conception through implementation.
        • Identifies, recommends, and develops policies and procedures necessary to promote a safe work environment that prevents costly human errors and ensures optimal reliability, practical solutions and maximum uptime.
        • Identifies means to optimize costs, reduce maintenance or project duration, utilize the most efficient resources and increase the quality of operations and equipment performance over the life of the facility.
        • Is comprised of key team members including the facility owner’s representatives (facility manager, project manager, building manager, operations personnel and IT services) and representatives from E5’s professional and/or technical services. The facilities team works collaboratively with the IT Team to understand their unique requirements and how best to manage maintenance processes to minimize impact on business operations.
        • Manages with open communications that enable teams, departments and decision–makers to have an in-depth understanding and awareness of the program’s scope, limitations and risk. A variety of reporting methods, schedules, team meetings and action plans are used to update and inform everyone involved about work in progress and work required to achieve optimal success.

Facilities Physical Infrastructure Planning

Physical layout planning is an important part of managing the environment of your critical facility. If IT requirements are forced to expand, or if a new technology is important to the growth of your business, then the infrastructure must be renewed to accommodate it. Things such as weight load distribution, air flow, cooling requirements, and power disbursement must all be considered when changing the equipment capacity of your facility. Improper planning will expose your critical facility to an increased risk of failure.

E5 will provide the expertise, proven methods, and industry tools to provide cost effective, optimal planning and capacity management of your critical facility.


Facilities Projects

E5 successfully organizes plans and implements a variety of facilities projects. With proper planning, assembly and management of facilities teams, use of proven methods and controls, and attention to detail, we successfully execute upgrades or changes to new and existing critical facilities. Our experience in this area has established our ability to identify and rate user needs, and to classify facility specifications and projects according to critical demand, hazard and emergency. Our successful track record is credited to:

  • Using our proven methodology and experience to successfully manage complicated live system projects in existing fully operational facilities
  • Employing the methods and principles of sound Project Management, focusing on finite details, leveraging resources and capitalizing on years of applied knowledge
  • Assembling and managing a Facility Project Support Team to control key elements of the process
  • Having established relationships with partners that are specific to the types of facility projects and post installation services you require
  • Recognizing the value of professional engineering design, we collaborate with leading engineering firms to optimize performance and efficiency of facility projects. We can recommend engineering firms for you, work with your preferred consultants, or optionally provide Design Coordination services
  • Committing to the protection and welfare of all employees and property through our Health, Safety & Environment program. E5’s proactive compliance with regulatory standards and guidelines governing occupational health, safety and ecological responsibilities includes site assessments, audits and records management
  • Providing employees with 3-5 years of intensive on-site Data Centre Facilities Management experience and training
  • Incorporating Emergency Preparedness protocols in all projects with regard for local in-house emergency services
  • Providing current industry, technology and standards information through our industry Associations
  • Providing in-house factory trained service technicians with experience in the operation and management of critical facilities

Given the variety of unique situations and requirements, we have provided this outline of how we can help you with your facilities management, planning and projects. We are available at any time to help you formulate and develop a customized solutions specific to your needs.