E5 Group - The Data Centre Solutions Company

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E5 is structured to provide customer with Consulting Services that are exclusive to our products and solutions. Through reasoned and accurate observations and assessments, we provide the best information in order to help you make informed decisions for the continuance and profitability of your critical operations. Our expertise includes:

  • Being one of the first companies to develop and implement live "System Testing" of critical power and mechanical systems. Our process was implemented extensively during Y2K preparation testing. To date we have never experienced a load loss as a result of implementing a System Test. Through our pre-test audit we have successfully identified and resolved potential threats prior to system verification.

System testing is now considered an essential industry standard by most organizations.

  • Conducting a maintenance/service audit for one of the world's largest IT outsourcers on one of their largest data centers. E5 was to report on the existing service levels and determine if they were adequate to meet their expectations. One of E5's tools was conducting "Failure Simulation Tests" on various components of the system. Through this type of testing vulnerabilities were identified in advance and the customer was able to make the necessary changes to avoid future potential service disruptions.

System Testing

  • Component level
  • Segment level
  • System level

System Audits

  • Maintenance
  • Availability / Reliability
  • Life Cycle
  • Performance
  • Safety
  • Spare Parts
  • Documentation Control

Emergency Preparedness

Standards and Procedural Development

Witness Testing

Acceptance Testing

Forensic Investigation

Documentation Updates

Activity Planning & Coordination

Feasibility Studies