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Businesses often lack the in-house expertise for warranty management within their critical facilities, and consequently miss out on the benefits a warranty is meant to provide. Managing the equipment warranties in a multi-vendor critical facility can be a demanding task. E5 has an affordable warranty management program that effectively addresses every aspect of warranty and provides dramatic savings, by allowing you to take full advantage of the warranties you own and have paid for.

Our end-to-end warranty management approach provides tangible benefits including:

  • Charting warranties of all components with effective dates, expiry dates and terms of application
  • Integration and control across multiple equipment manufacturers with diverse warranty conditions and solutions to ensure warranties are properly aligned with critical infrastructure requirements
  • Improved efficiencies by integrating warranty service requirements into a planned maintenance program
  • Improved delivery and management of warranty service repairs, parts and customer support
  • Higher product quality through improvements in information sharing about product engineering changes
  • Seamless dispatch of technicians and parts to meet the warranty maintenance program
  • Notifications in advance of expiring service contracts and warranties
  • Extended warranty negotiation and warranty conversions at end of OEM warranty
  • Efficient processing of warranty claims, and increased cost recovery

Our warranty management provides critical information to help you make purchasing decisions, manage services agreements necessary to preserve warranty, and identify potential gaps in coverage.

Our warranty management can contribute more to your bottom line. Please contact us to discuss how our service can benefit the integrity of your company operations.