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E5 offers a complete portfolio of Field Services available as stand alone options or as add-on supplements to our other service packages. Whether you require generator service, equipment relocation or testing and analysis, our team of field technicians and partners are available to execute your unexpected maintenance and service needs.

Together with our partners and associates we have one of the largest pools of highly trained multi-disciplined professionals who are factory trained on all equipment comprising your critical path. Our Miscellaneous Field Services support is offered exclusively with our Products and Solutions and includes:


Equipment Inspection/Remedial Service

Optimization of critical system equipment is crucial to ensuring the success of mission critical backup and support systems. Frequent equipment inspection assures the reliability and availability of mission-critical applications and processes and offsets the high cost of failure. E5 supports your critical application demands by providing maintenance inspection and/or repair of critical system equipment including:


Equipment Relocation / Placement Services

If you are planning to relocate equipment or merge facilities, E5 can provide you with the services you need.

  • E5 can manage the relocation, coordinate other equipment vendors and the shipping companies, and/or serve as a relocation project manager
  • We can provide input when establishing backup contingency plans for each phase of the move and determine how critical applications should be supported during the move
  • Using proven methods our facility layout experts will plan and prepare for placement and ensure equipment foot prints are optimized
  • Equipment moves invariably require the input or attendance of product vendors in executing the relocation to preserve equipment warranty provisions; we will ensure that all such warranties are protected during the move.

Environmental / Cleaning Services

To maximize system reliability you ideally have a stable environment free from contamination. Poor control and monitoring of the environmental conditions in your mission critical facility may shorten the life of the equipment, create overheating causing intermittent faults, and in extreme cases cause equipment to fail catastrophically. The cost in time, money and lost business productivity will be considerable.

Our environmental services include:

  • Auditing and reporting for cooling, heating, and airflow levels; contaminants; and static discharge
  • Maintenance and cleaning for raised floors, sub flooring and ceiling spaces
  • Containment of contaminants
  • Post construction / renovation decontamination
  • Sub floor sealing and static control services and products
  • Facility and IT equipment cleaning

Incident Investigation and Reporting

In today’s complex multi-facility environments investigating, reporting, and managing information about a critical facility failure is a daunting and complex task. Facility, IT, and Risk Managers need to respond quickly to high impact incidents or equipment malfunctions to effectively resolve the situation and prevent the event from recurring. The organizations policies may require that the incident be reported and distributed to counterparts at other critical facilities to prevent similar incidents from occurring.

Our incident investigation and reporting includes the following:

  • Investigate and report on the root cause and/or defects that resulted in system instability or failure and the corrective measures that were implemented to resolve the situation.
  • Report on present status of the facility, equipment and associated components that had failed or were impacted by failure.
  • Report on the sequence of events leading up to, during and immediately subsequent to the failure event.
  • Provide recommendations as to further testing if required, including recommended tests at the next scheduled maintenance activity.
  • Recommend corrective actions to minimize or eliminate the possibility of recurrence on the impacted site or occurrence on other sites.