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E5 is an industry leader in designing Static Transfer Switch technology. Our off-line Solid State Transition Transfer Switch (SSTTS) and on-line Static Transfer Switches are designed to enhance backup power protection by dramatically improving power availability and maintainability. E5's Transfer Switches have aided hundreds of corporations with effective power management and have become synonymous with quality, reliability and innovation. Our expertise includes:

  • Designing, building and installing the world's first 3 Phase "Solid State Transition Transfer Switch" (SSTTS) to eliminate downtime when one of Canada's largest energy companies needed their entire data centre switched between dissimilar unsynchronized power sources.
  • Designing, building and installing a single phase dual input, dual output Uninterrupted Transfer Switch (UTS) for one of Canada's leading financial institutions, in order to transfer the critical load from one UP'S system to another where parallel redundant technology was not possible.

Off-line No Load Break Static Transfer Switches

  • Static 50Amp to 4000Amp
  • 120Volt Single Phase to 600Volt Three Phase
  • Standard or Custom Design
  • International Operating Voltages & Frequencies

On-line No Load Break Static Transfer Switches

  • 100Amp to 800Amp
  • 120Volt to 13kVolt
  • Freestanding & Rack Mount
  • Standard or Custom Design