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E5 provides management support and direction in all our installation projects. As part of our mandate for excellence we utilize the expertise and efficiency of one of our approved installation contractor/partners in the installation of our products and solutions. The installation contractor is trained in E5's standard - "Working in a Critical Facility Environment".

E5's installation services include the following:

  • Our installation capabilities and teams are structured in such a way as to allow you to pick and choose the service you need E5 to provide.
  • We provide equipment engineered drawings and installation manuals prior to equipment installation as well as operating and maintenance manuals. These are invaluable to managing the completed system, and changes, upgrades, or growth.
  • When we are supplying design coordination services, E5 and/or its engineering partner will provide installation drawings before and after the installation is completed in the form of as-builds. We ensure revision management/control on all engineering documentation throughout the project duration. These drawings are essential in managing the completed system, and changes or growth.
  • We handle the transportation logistics of your equipment installation. Our expediters ensure the equipment arrives on time, is received and thoroughly inspected by one of our engineers, and is correctly set at its final location. Using proven control methods we ensure the site is inspected and prepared in advance of equipment arrival.
  • We manage the installation schedule from start to finish ensuring a smooth progression from install through start-up, testing and commissioning, to handing over the completed operational system.
  • Our Applications Support engineers and Field Service Technicians will provide in-depth technical knowledge on all aspects of the installation. They are trained on recognized safety practices and codes as well as our own products and solutions. They provide on-site support and guidance to the installation technicians from start to finish.
  • Our Field Service Technician's will verify that the completed installation is in accordance with applicable codes, manufacturer's instructions, and specifications. We will ensure that all equipment warranty conditions are identified and implemented.
  • Our equipment start-up and commissioning service ensures that your equipment functions correctly in all modes of operation. We will schedule the work with you at a time that has the minimum impact on your productivity. We can provide complete system commissioning and testing services as well as live system integration as required.
  • We provide end-user orientation and operating training to ensure that you understand the requirements and realize the benefits of your new technology.

Whether we recommend an installation contractor to our customer from a list of experienced partners, work with our customers' preferred contractor or provide an installation contractor/partner, we'll work together in a manner based on mutual trust, understanding and respect with all parties to assure a successful installation.