E5 Group - The Data Centre Solutions Company

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E5 offers a wide range of procurement services and plans employing long term industry partnerships, economic analysis methods and definitive scheduling to assure you of the best possible total cost of ownership.

Our Procurement Services are offered exclusively with our Products and Solutions and include:

  • Total integration of systems
  • Specialization in critical power equipment procurement
  • Centralized purchasing power
  • Single point of responsibility
  • Focus on total cost of ownership
  • Evaluate the project requirements
  • Develop specifications for equipment, materials and services to be purchased
  • Pre-qualify tender package recipients
  • Technical & commercial bid evaluation
  • Negotiate contract terms and conditions, and award contracts
  • Independent Contractor or Agent
  • Change Order management
  • Professional expediting - confirm design, manufacturing, delivery schedules, and track progress.
  • Shop Inspection
  • Shipment Release
  • Delivery and receipt co-ordination
  • On-site inspection & installation assistance
  • Dispute/claim management
  • Fixed negotiated fees