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Health Safety & Environment Policy

E5 GROUP INC serves the needs and priorities of our customers through the provision of critical power products and services, emphasizing excellence in safety, quality and environmental responsibility.

We are committed to the ongoing improvement of a healthy, safe and environmentally sound workplace for our employees, contractors, customers, visitors and the public. Management, employees, contractors, and suppliers are all accountable to participate in, contribute to, and maintain the health, safety and environment program.

The focus of the health, safety and environment program is to continually reduce the potential for incidents that may result in injuries to people, damage to property, and other associated losses. Improved productivity, high work quality, and sustained customer satisfaction will also result from this program. The E5 GROUP will provide the training, tools, equipment, and supervision necessary for all work to be performed in a healthy, safe and environmentally responsible manner.

All work and work activities must comply with company requirements. Active participation of all employees, contractors, and suppliers in the health, safety and environment program is either a condition of employment or included in contract terms when required.