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We are specialists in live system integration. This unique and comprehensive service is applied within Critical Data Centre environments where maintaining uptime is critical.

E5's project support professionals have years of field experience building complex critical infrastructure projects. We have a thorough understanding of our industry's unique trade practice, risk evaluation, risk management, and field management techniques. That understanding coupled with our own proven methodology allows us to successfully manage complicated live system projects in existing fully operational facilities.

By employing the principles of sound project management, focusing on finite details, leveraging resources and capitalizing on years of applied knowledge, we succeed in delivering results.

System Integration Critical Elements:

  • Health & Safety
    Our commitment to excellence in Health & Safety standards reduces the potential for personal injuries, property damage and downtime. The absence of a Health & Safety program while integrating live systems would mean an extremely high and unnecessary level of risk.

  • Hands on Technical Experience
    E5's technicians have decades of personal and collective hands-on experience in live system integration. They are product trained, technically trained and on-site trained to manage every aspect of mission critical environments.

  • IT Involvement
    E5 understands that your information technology is an inseparable component of your business processes. We also understand that open communication is integral to recognizing a project's scope, limitations and risk. For projects to succeed, a core team must be involved from project conception through implementation. By working jointly with IT and Facility divisions we bridge the gaps in communication and create a team that works in unison.

  • Internal & External Knowledge Base
    E5's on-site personnel including sub contractors, professionals and customers have the necessary skill level, knowledge and experience to participate in live system integration. They are familiar with our standard ‘Working Safely in a Live Data Centre Environment’.

  • Formal Processes
    E5 begins each project by identifying every possible detail, scenario and process required to manage live system integration as seamlessly and efficiently as possible. To control and monitor every phase of the project we create a Method and Procedure (MAP) that details every aspect of risk, work to be performed, and process that must take place. The strictest strategies are then implemented in order to manage time constraints, procedures and liabilities.

    From the outset the stakeholders, contractors and professionals are involved in the MAP. We collectively define and repeatedly review all areas of concern including operating systems, equipment architecture, methodologies, timelines, processing, cost impact, and environmental factors.

    Our proven process of systematically managing live data integration has successfully helped hundreds of companies meet critical IT demands.

  • Exceptional Project Management Practices
    E5 takes Project Management to a superior level with our ability to understand, plan and implement complex mission critical projects involving live system integration.

    We are committed to the integrity of our projects, relationships and a team effort in achieving complex mission critical solutions. Our success is determined by how well we manage our projects, how much we empower our core team and how effectively we utilize our resources of talent, knowledge and expertise. To meet the Project Management demands of live system integration E5 provides uncompromising standards in all project phases – Initiation, Planning, Implementation, and Closeout & Maintenance.

    E5 is structured to provide customers with System Integration support that is exclusive to our products and solutions. Given the variety of unique situations and project requirements, we have provided only a general outline of how we can help you through live system integration. Customized solutions are available to meet your needs.