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As critical infrastructure specialists, we offer a complete line of 7x24 proactive service and maintenance plans for all critical facility equipment under a single agreement. Using the most advanced PdM technologies including infrared, ultrasonic and vibration analysis, E5's equipment maintenance can result in substantial cost savings and higher system reliability.

Our service agreements provide maximum support, optimize service quality, and are tailored to meet your business needs. They are administered and implemented by experts in critical infrastructures who understand the relation between downtime and your company's bottom line.

E5's technicians uphold a stringent commitment to industry and E5 critical infrastructure equipment service standards. We are experts at working in critical environments, evaluating infrastructures and using precise procedures and meticulous techniques while maintaining maximum uptime. By focusing exclusively on the mission critical facility, we offer the best multi-disciplinary skills, knowledge, management processes and experience to assure that your equipment supports the critical mission of your business.

Equipment Maintenance is Essential

Critical Facility's are a significant investment to the corporations and IT departments who they serve. Whether or not they actually achieve the design availability is highly dependent on the quality of service and the service provider's ability to meet the challenges specific to mission critical facility equipment.

  • Today we are totally dependant, administratively and operationally, on the availability of our IT systems. A failure has an immediate cost impact in lost man-hours, productivity and revenues.
  • An effective service plan provides assurance that your equipment performs at optimal capacity enabling you to meet the demands of today's marketplace.
  • Inadequate equipment service leads to failure. The consequences of failure resulting in down time far outweigh the cost of a service agreement or equipment repair costs; preventing and mitigating failure must be a business priority.
  • Properly planned and executed equipment service extends the product lifecycle optimizing the initial capital expenditure.
  • Proactive service results in lower operating costs, managed risk, better use of human resources, significant long term savings and the ability to support business growth.

Our Proactive Approach

Most service organizations operate almost exclusively in reactive mode responding to customer requests or equipment failures as they occur. No matter how quickly a service organization responds to an equipment failure, there is still a time lag and a major cost impact between the awareness of the problem and its resolution.

With E5's proactive service approach, potential problems are identified and eliminated in advance dramatically reducing the risk of equipment failure. Through routine maintenance visits and our formal processes in measuring, controlling and monitoring equipment reliability, we minimize vendor interfaces, increase operational availability and reduce or eliminate downtime. Our approach includes:

  • Designing a Proactive, Cost Effective Program
    Our understanding of the equipment's functions, limitations, requirements, and how it is installed and operated enables us to determine where maintenance efforts would be most beneficial in preventing and mitigating the consequences of failure. We identify problem areas and prioritize recommendations focused on maintenance tasks that have the greatest effect and divert energy away from those which have little or no benefit.
  • Implementation; Managing Uptime
    We have a thorough understanding of our industry's unique trade practice, risk evaluation, risk management, and field service techniques. That understanding coupled with our own proven methodology allows us to successfully service equipment in fully operational facilities in a way that minimizes risk and achieves maximum uptime. We manage all aspects of our Service Agreements ensuring methods and time lines are understood in advance by everyone involved.
  • Continuous Improvement
    In order to ensure we are meeting all of your expectations, E5 will schedule regular reviews with you to evaluate all aspects of the service program, identify opportunities for improvement and determine if any additional services are required. We will provide specific prioritized recommendations, each with a cost/benefit comparison and schedule to evaluate before any program adjustments are made. Our Commitment to Continuous Improvement includes proactive quality assurance offered through our on line customer satisfaction surveys. We ask for customer participation after every service visit to monitor both our objective statistical performance and the customers' perception of our service quality. This monitoring is vital since you can only improve what you are aware of and can measure.

Our Service Principles

Whether downtime is caused by equipment failure or human error, it leads to lost revenue and unacceptable losses in productivity. In order to mitigate losses and protect your business environment, E5's service agreement philosophy focuses on applying the following key principles:

  • Employ "E5 Best Practices" derived from our extensive experience, technical expertise, industry practices, regulatory standards, and sound working partnerships. Our Best Practices are reviewed and updated regularly.
  • Utilize "E5 Detailed Work Schedules" and "Data Collection and Analysis Methods" that are designed for each specific piece of equipment.
  • Ensure the highest standard of service by only offering service agreements with products, systems, and architecture where we have complete unrestricted access to service information and manufacturers support. Our hands-on experience and the support of our equipment manufacturers' field service management create a highly unique and dependable service.
  • Respect our long term partner relationships and work together to develop and deliver the best service solutions and support. We have access to information and "lessons learned" from our partners.
  • Manage all aspects of our Service Agreements and ensure methods and time lines are understood in advance by everyone involved. Our maintenance plans detailing the priority and type of work, tentative dates, expected duration, lead time & impact make it easy for facility managers to handle maintenance and repair requirements.
  • Proactively notify customers about information important to maintaining reliability. We ensure software upgrades and engineering changes are implemented routinely to provide the system with the most advanced technology.
  • Provide extensive on-site and off-site documentation control relating to inspection results, engineering changes, upgrades, and drawing revisions.
  • Provide regular formal reviews of failure impacts in order to determine the most effective and reliable resources and methods to mitigate losses and eliminate risk.
  • Review and adjust our service program to ensure that ageing facility systems and equipment continue to operate at maximum efficiency and reliability.
  • Integrate new services smoothly and quickly so that our customers can benefit immediately from improved equipment performance and overall operational environment without compromising system uptime.
  • Work in conjunction with our partners to provide the assurance of immediate 24x7 operational and emergency assistance.
  • Maintain continuous focus on education and training to distinguish our commitment as world class mission critical experts and our resolve to offer the best service available for our customers.
  • Continuously improve on our customer's and our own Health & Safety Standards by applying hands on knowledge of servicing operational systems. The absence of a Health & Safety program designed for working in a critical facility would mean an extremely high and unnecessary level of risk. Our technician's ongoing participation and training reduces the potential for personal injuries, property damage and downtime. In addition to industry standards, we create specific practices that are custom tailored to fit particular circumstances.

Our Rapid Response Team

Our internal service capabilities combined with the local service resources of our partners and suppliers provides for a multi level emergency service delivery that is unmatched in the mission critical industry.

    • We exercise our proven practices in crisis management, critical load isolation and protection, restoration and recovery techniques. Our extensive training and experience allows us to identify and manage problems and complications calmly and rationally, we have the most effective and efficient means of rectifying even the most challenging tasks.
    • Critical Load Isolation & Protection requires a broad understanding of the functionality and interdependence between all system components and equipment. Where a critical load has gone down Restoration & Disaster Recovery can mean the difference between losing minutes and losing millions. E5 has the knowledge and experience to power up the system so we can get you back into business while evaluating the remedial options. We isolate your critical load and protect all aspects & components so errors don't occur during repair.

Our Service Team Experience

The experience of E5's field service technicians is strengthened with top tier education, training and many years of practical experience. As certified experts in mission critical applications our service technicians offer much more than preventative maintenance. Their expertise enables them to identify areas of improvement, manage the broad scope of system configuration and implement necessary changes to ensure availability.

      • We have decades of personal and collective hands-on experience working in mission critical sites. E5's Field Service technicians are not only product trained; they are technically trained and on-site trained to manage every aspect of critical facility environments.
      • We are factory trained and certified by the original equipment manufacturers. E5's technicians are recertified at the factory on an ongoing basis to ensure their skills remain at peak levels.
      • We are trained on every piece of equipment that we service. Cross training on multiple types of equipment from multiple manufacturers provides us with a unique skill level – the ability to recognize, diagnose and resolve problems within the total critical facility infrastructure.
      • Our thorough understanding of our industry's unique trade practice, risk evaluation, risk management, and field service techniques, coupled with our own proven methodology allows us to successfully service equipment in existing fully operational facilities.
      • We are trained, certified and experienced in the operation and use of advanced technologies and tools such as infrared, ultrasonic and vibration analysis, and machine condition monitoring.
      • We are trained and experienced in Incident Investigation and Reporting techniques.

E5 is structured to provide customers with Service Agreement support that is exclusive to our products and solutions. Given the variety of unique situations and project requirements, we have provided an outline of how we can help you in preventing and mitigating failure. More detail and information to determine customized solutions to meet your needs is just a phone call away.

E5 will provide you with "Peace of Mind" in the continued availability of your critical facility infrastructure.