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We develop relationships with partners who can give us a advantage by providing innovative, high quality, cost effective products and services. We are committed to treating all partners fairly and welcome all new potential partners who have innovative ideas or proposals that will serve our mutual benefit.

Effective partnering requires concerted effort in ensuring mutual success. It requires blending complimentary skills and expertise in order to provide leading edge solutions. We want to be your strongest ally in building partnerships that mutually benefit both parties in respect to industry recognition, profitability and long term gain.

E5 has a history of forming strong, effective and successful partnerships. We are continually seeking to build strong, mutually beneficial, and predictable relationships with companies in their area of expertise to work together in executing successful projects. This section is designed to provide insight into our partnering strategy, our program, and what we look for in a potential partner. If you are interested in exploring this concept please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Our partner program consists of the following key elements;


Our Partnering Strategy

Collaborative partnerships are a critical part of our success. Through collaborative partnerships we can broaden our mission critical expertise. E5 and its partners offer the highest performance standards, technical expertise and the solid leadership required in the mission critical industry. As a team we offer unmatched flexibility and product solutions to meet our customers' custom applications and imperious timelines.

Having access to a global talent pool and the world's greatest product resource ensures that we can provide the most advanced and comprehensive product and service solutions. It also means we succeed in employing the absolute, unconditional requirements of availability and reliability 24x7.

Our reputation and success is tied to the products and services we represent so we take our partnerships very seriously. By working with select partners, E5 delivers on our promise of service excellence and expertise. Various terms have been used to describe the numerous forms of business partnering. In our partnering structure we utilize the following terminology:

  • Partner, Partnership: E5 has many forms of collaborative business relationships with other companies to provide the most advanced comprehensive solutions to our customers. We refer to these collaborative relationships as "Partnerships" and the entities as "Partners". We partner for many different reasons. Where it provides optimum solutions with Resellers, Equipment Manufacturers and Field Service Providers, formal agreements are developed. Project specific or site specific agreements are used with our Professional Service Providers and Installing Contractors as required.
  • Project Alliance, Alliance Partner: Customers today require a one shop stop for project execution and management with the technical, project, construction skills and flexibility to meet their individual needs. You can't be everything to everybody, you have to pick your expertise and establish an alliance of partners to provide a comprehensive solution that is best suited to a potential project. Partners provide the project alliance with resources such as trained personnel, products, engineering, manufacturing capability, construction, knowledge, expertise, or intellectual property.

E5 uses its critical infrastructure project expertise to manage a project team of alliance partners. We apply stringent standards and use proven processes to select the products, services and partnerships that best suit the project requirements. For further information regarding our process please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


Our Partner Groups

By working with select leading partners, E5 delivers on our promise of service excellence and expertise. Our partners include:

  • Equipment Manufacturers
    By working with the worlds leading manufacturers and suppliers, we assure our customers receive the right product for their application - even in a critical emergency. Our partners are positioned world wide and offer the best product solutions. In partnering with multiple manufacturers and suppliers, E5 employs strong ethical standards and business practices. These partners provide us with both leading edge and new developing technologies.

    As part of our mandate for excellence in customer satisfaction, E5 only provides products that we can service and that are complimented with full field service support by our manufacturing partner

  • Field Service Providers
    Field Service Providers compliment E5's support and service standards with their world class expertise and 24x7 availability. Whether it's employing the dedication and experience of Equipment Component Specialists to perform specialized equipment testing, diagnostics and rebuilds, or drawing upon the resources of our Manufacturers Field Service Dept to assist our own on site service technicians as required, their expertise is essential to our customer assurance of availability.

  • Installation Contractors
    Though E5 provides management support and direction, we call upon the expertise and efficiency of an installation contractor to install our products and solutions. As part of our mandate for excellence the installation contractor is trained in E5's standard - "Working in a Critical Facility Environment".
    Whether we recommend an installation contractor to our customer from a list of experienced partners, work with our customers' preferred contractor or provide an installation contractor, we'll work together in a manner based on mutual trust, understanding and respect to assure a successful project.

  • Professional Service Providers
    Our Professional Service Providers help us meet the demands of performance, innovative design and alternative solutions for any critical infrastructure. E5 recognizes the value of strong professional service providers and has established relationships with engineering, design and architectural firms that are well suited to the types of projects you require. Our Professional Partners encompass a worldwide network of reliable experts who have direct experience with critical infrastructure applications.
    Whether we recommend professional firms, work with our customers' preferred consultants or provide coordination services, we commit to work together in a manner based on mutual trust, understanding and respect to assure a successful project.

  • Associations & Consortiums
    Aligning with Industry Association and Consortium Partners means we are always equipped with the most current industry standards, have access to valuable industry insight and leading edge techniques and technologies.

  • Resellers
    Our Resellers are our ambassadors. That's why our level of support for our Reseller Partners is unmatched in the industry. We encourage and develop reseller partnerships distinct from straight reseller arrangements. We boast an exciting partnership for resellers of mission critical equipment who share a passion for achievement, corporate success and excellence in customer service. E5's partnerships are structured to provide maximum levels of support designed to meet your individual needs.

    In support of our mutual success and reputation, we offer our resellers negotiated preferred pricing, sales assistance and leading technology solutions whenever they are required. We also do it at a price point that makes it a tremendous value to you and your customers. This alliance of support is further extended to our customers who then receive optimal pricing and sound advice.

    E5 is distinguished by the extensive support we provide our partners. Offering the best service assistance, minimized costs and risks, and one-on-one training, we partner with you on all levels of service and knowledge, so that you can better serve your customers and expand your market share.

Our Partner Program Structure

Successful partnering requires structure. In our program we clearly define the types of partnerships we need as well as the requirements and rewards of doing business together. We outline what we need from one another taking into account the goals we each need to achieve.

A typical partnership or alliance formation entails these steps:

  • Development: involves examining the partnership or alliance's feasibility, objectives and rationale, identifying major issues and challenges, determining resource strategies and aligning the objectives with E5's corporate strategy and/or the project requirements.
  • Partner Assessment: involves analyzing each partner's strengths and weaknesses, creating strategies for accommodating all partners' management styles and business processes, preparing appropriate partner selection criteria, understanding a partner's reasons for partnering or joining the alliance and addressing the resource capabilities of all partners.
  • Negotiation: involves determining whether all parties have realistic objectives, defining each partner's contributions and rewards, protection of proprietary information, term or duration, termination clauses, performance management, continuous improvement, and identifying arbitration procedures, all of which are to be clearly stated and understood in the form of an agreement.
  • Operation: involves using controls to ensure that the partnership and/or alliance activities are executed, tracked and measured against the objectives or plan, managing of budgets and resources, measuring and rewarding partner performance, and assessing the performance and results of the alliance.
  • Termination: involves winding down the partnership or alliance when its objectives have been met or when a partner fails to meet the agreed objectives.

E5 Partnering Core Values

Partner activities and behaviors significantly influence one another's perceived value creation. With the objective being mutual success for ourselves and our Partners, E5 adheres to the following core values to achieve business goals and performance relations.

  • E5 recognizes that partners can create real value for one another. Partners are key assets in helping E5 Group achieve its mission and vision.
  • E5 builds long term relationships with partners based on trust, respect, honesty, and integrity. It is also characterized by strict observance of legal and ethical behavior, and professional competence. All partners are treated equitably.
  • E5 seeks to understand our partner's capabilities, needs and wants. For the partnership to be understood there needs to be open communication at all levels.
  • E5 seeks consensus and focus on outcomes to attain a successful relationship.
  • E5 aligns its products and services with those of our business partners to deliver the best solutions to our customers.
  • E5 recognizes the worthy goal of "exceeding customer expectations" and to exceed those expectations profitably for long-term corporate viability.
  • E5 ensures the continuous improvement of its partnership program by regularly reviewing and revising the program. Regular progress meetings will ensure that outcomes are being achieved, that there is a sound relationship between partners in our mutual pursuit of continuous improvement.

Partner Attribute's

Partnerships provide an avenue to compete in the global marketplace with increased innovation and resources. Sharing knowledge, mutual objectives and competitive technological levels helps advance respective businesses from being independent to interdependent. Through harmonious relations and efficient collaboration with a sustainable chain of business partners we collectively increase our flexibility, areas of competence and access to new markets.

E5's goal is to achieve partnership synergy that focuses on principal outcomes; strengthened competitive advantages, advanced customer services and increased market share. Following are the prime attributes in a potential alliance partnership:

  • Specialized Skill Sets and/or Depth Of Service
    We partner with firms offering specialized skill sets and a comprehensive service or niche line expertise. By focusing on specialty areas and technical expertise we improve our service offering and increase revenue streams for both parties. The success of E5 Group is dependant upon the performance of all partners within the alliance.

  • Strong Customer Service
    In providing critical infrastructure protection, we must meet our customer's demands, expectations and specialized needs with dedicated commitment to uptime, efficiency and cost effectiveness. Since their corporate successes and profitability depend upon our ability to manage their mission critical architecture, we partner with firms equally committed to time management, planned processing, reliability, and excellence in customer relations.

  • Compatible Business Approach
    Effective Business Partnering requires a compatible business approach. Aligned business goals, operations management, leadership attributes, emergency preparedness and commitment to long term growth are required in order to create an effective team. Knowing that you will be there when we need you and that you have the resources and processes in place to execute top tier service is imperative to our commitment of excellence.

  • Industry Experience
    Previous projects and performance will identify a partner's ability to meet alliance demands. Our commitment to established timelines, schedule of deliverables and processing methodologies must be complimented by hands on experience in our industry sector.

  • Sound Reputation
    We work with Partners whose reputations are sound in all aspects of customer service, reliability, dependability and knowledge.

  • Commitment to Training/Knowledge
    Dedication to training, staff development and professional skills provides for greater productivity and employee satisfaction. A partner's commitment to managing skill sets and knowledge should align with our own mentoring and training programs where required. E5 ensures the continuous evolution of knowledge, skills, technologies and techniques both long term and in day to day operations.

  • Commitment to Health, Safety and the Environment
    E5 serves the needs and priorities of its customers emphasizing excellence in safety, quality and environmental responsibility. Our partners are fully aware of the responsibility we each have to prevent health impairment due to occupational exposure, and to maintain an accident free work environment. We are all committed to the ongoing improvement of a healthy, safe and environmentally sound workplace. The safety and health of personnel on our customers' sites will receive first consideration throughout all phases of our work.

  • Value System
    Business is ultimately about relationships between people and our compliance with the rules we form together. It's also about the consequences of our activities, good or bad. Partnering with firms who can align with values, means we can count on the resulting entity. We recognize our obligation to be an economic, intellectual, safety, environmental and societal benefit to the community in which we do business. Our partners are an integral part of this effort; therefore our partners are expected to adhere to those vales.

  • Financial stability
    Partners with a proven record of financial stability and success enable us to devote the resources required to build and deliver the industry's most advanced technology solutions that will be there for the long term.

    E5 is looking for alliance/project partners to bid, manage and execute critical service projects. If you are interested in joining our pursuit of excellence by joining our partnership team please contact us:

403.243.8397 | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.