E5 Group - The Data Centre Solutions Company

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E5 can design and produce improvements on all products we offer, including custom design and manufacture of components particular to your critical power needs. Our commitment to exceptional customer support ensures your design improvements and enhancements are provided as quickly as possible.

We know that an infrastructure is only as reliable as its components, and that building sustainable, fault free mission critical systems requires innovative solutions. That's why when facilities require customized products, we design and manufacture our own.

Through innovation and responsiveness to critical demand, E5 has become an industry leader in designing power distribution products including Transfer Switch technology, Mini-PDU's and Super Slim Power Bars. Our customized Transfer Switches have been so successful in providing maximum reliability; they are sold throughout the world by one of the world's leading manufacturers of Automatic Transfer Switch equipment.

Regardless of where we go in the world, our customers depend on our custom solutions. E5's customized, high performance products have secured mission critical systems for national Fortune 500 companies and international applications as far away as Australia, Britain and Korea.

E5's Design Services and Expertise

  • Technology design & manufacture to exacting requirements
  • Design & manufacture to all applicable standards, codes, regulations, and statistical considerations
  • Analyse, document and redesign old or obsolete equipment where little or no documentation exists
  • Design and manufacture for usability, safety, and reliability while minimizing engineering effort

Design and manufacture analysis and cost justification

  • Establish requirements
  • Access the best design approach
  • Materials procurement
  • Analysis, test and inspection
  • Test budgeting
  • Financial management
  • Quality control management
  • Obsolescence management

Complete documentation

  • Design & documentation reviews
  • Engineering documentation
  • Draft and final equipment specifications
  • Formal specification documentation
  • Specifications for systems, equipment and testing
  • CAD produced drawings
  • Product user manuals
  • Product maintenance manuals
  • Product test manuals and procedures

Prototype testing and modeling

  • Functional Test
  • Visual Inspection
  • Product Burn-In
  • Circuit analysis and design justifications