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Harmonic Mitigating will not only prevent transformer overheating failures but will also reduce failures in connected equipment by ensuring that IEEE Std 519 voltage distortion limits are met throughout the power distribution system.

Neutral Current Eliminator

  • Removes neutral current and lowers distortion to remedy existing harmonics problems
  • Connected in parallel to the 120/208V, 3-ph, 4-wire system at the distribution panels
  • Substantially lowers neutral current (IN) by removing the zero sequence components of neutral current (mainly 3rd and 9th)
  • Lowers voltage distortion (VTHD), voltage flat-topping and neutral-to-ground voltage (VNG)
  • Available with both NCE-OFF alarm option and Patented FAITM option
  • Treats Neutral Current and Triplen Harmonics

Combined Neutral Current Eliminators

  • Combines 30" phase shift with NCE to remedy existing harmonics problems
  • Series connected in the feed to one distribution panel (DP1) and works as an NCE for it.
  • Phase shifts DP1 by 30 degrees to cancel 5th and 7th harmonics against a second panel DP2
  • Patented FAITM option allows selecting in field of NCE action for DP2 as well
  • Minimizes VTHD, flat-topping, and VNG
  • Treats Neutral Current and 5, 7, 17, 19th Harmonics

Harmonic Removal Transformer – Output 1

  • Better performance than standard and k-factor distribution transformers when feeding single-phase, non-linear loads such as PC's, etc.
  • Very low zero sequence output minimizes voltage distortion at 3rd, 9th, and 15th harmonic
  • Phase-shifting with a second Output 1 Harmonic Removal Transformer will lower 5th and 7th harmonics as well

Harmonic Removal Transformer – Output 2

  • Outstanding performance when feeding single-phase, non-linear loads such as PC's, etc.
  • Dual outputs separated by 30", each with a very low zero sequence impedance
  • Minimizes output VTHD and input ITHD by treating 3rd, 5th, 7th, and 9th harmonics with transformer
  • Phase shifting against a second Output 2 Harmonic Removal Transformer will lower 11th and 13th harmonics as well.

Harmonic Removal Transformer – Output 3

  • Outstanding performance when feeding single–phase, non-linear loads such as PC's, etc.
  • Three sets of very low zero sequence outputs, each separated from the next by 20"
  • Minimizes output VTHD and input ITHD by treating 3rd through 15th harmonics within transformer

Low Impendance 3 Phase Harmonic Eliminators

  • Phase-shifting, 3-phase Auto TX for cancellation of 6-pulse rectifier harmonics from 2, 3, or 4 VSDs or other similar rectifiers
  • Phase-shifted current harmonics cancel on the 3-wire feeder to the common bus feeding two, three, or four 6-pulse rectifiers
  • Two rectifiers, with a 5-7 Eliminator in the feeder to one, give effective 12-pulse operation
  • Three rectifiers, with 5-13 Eliminators in the feeders to two, give effective 18-pulse operation
  • Four rectifiers, with one 5-7 Eliminator and two 11-13 Eliminators, give effective 34 pulse operation
  • Removes 5, 7, 11, 13th Harmonics on the Load Side

Variable Frequency Drive Transformers

  • Phase-shifting, 3-phase Isolation TX for VSD 6-pulse rectifiers
  • Isolates VSD rectifier from the supply bus to lower notching, lower rectifier current harmonic levels and to avoid VSD trips due to capacitor switching
  • Phase shift against other VSD rectifiers to cancel current harmonics in common feeder
  • Configured for 6 to 12 Pulse Drives