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Our Commitment

We are committed to the ongoing improvement of a healthy, safe and environmentally sound workplace for our employees, contractors, customers, visitors and the public. Our Health and Safety Program is developed to meet the basic requirements of the Alberta Human Resources and Employment "Partnerships Health and Safety Program".

Our Program Outline

The Alberta Human Resources and Employment Partnerships in Health and Safety Program is founded on the premise that when employers and workers voluntarily build effective health and safety programs in their own workplaces, the human and financial costs of workplace injuries and illnesses will be reduced. Supporting health and safety programs leads to larger reductions in injuries than regulatory compliance alone.

The purpose of our Health and Safety Program is to identify, assess and control workplace hazards. Our Health and Safety Program is comprised of eight key elements:

Management Leadership and Organizational Commitment
The success of E5 Group's health & safety program is significantly impacted by management commitment and employee participation. With management and employees working cooperatively together we ensure the success of our health & safety program. This commitment is the driving force for the rest of the health & safety program.

Hazard Identification and Assessment
Hazard identification and assessment impacts all other elements and forms the basis for determining what hazard controls are required, what needs to be inspected on a regular basis, what the training needs are, and where critical incidents have the highest potential to occur. By focusing on Hazard Identification and Assessment, E5 can determine where the greatest health & safety risks are within the workplace.

Hazard Controls
Hazard Controls eliminate or reduce hazards to acceptable levels. There are three categories of hazard controls: engineering controls (e.g. ground fault circuit breakers, machine guarding, safety interlocks), administrative controls (job procedures, safe work practices, rules), and personal protective equipment (eye protection, fire retardant clothing, and chemical resistant gloves). By implementing appropriate hazard controls, E5 reduces risks posed by hazards in the workplace.

Ongoing Inspections
Regular planned health & safety inspections verify the effectiveness of the hazard controls implemented from the hazard identification, assessment and control processes. Planned inspections are an opportunity for E5 to ensure that the hazard controls being implemented are used properly. The inspections also provide an opportunity to identify hazards that were not previously identified during the hazard identification process.

Qualifications, Orientation and Training
Qualifications, orientations, and training are required by all E5 employees in order to perform their duties in a healthy & safe manner. Well-trained, qualified, and oriented employees perform their duties in a healthy & safe manner with fewer incidents leading to sustained and even increased productivity.

Emergency Response
Efficient and appropriate actions during emergencies minimize the impact to life, property, production and image. By implementing Emergency Response planning and training E5 provides assurances that our employees can respond efficiently and appropriately in the event of an emergency or disaster.

Accident and Incident Investigation
Accident and Incident Investigation is an integral part of E5's health & safety programs. By employing sound investigations we determine the causes of incidents and with the proper analysis determine what controls are needed to prevent recurrence. Our emphasis of incident investigation is on fact finding - not fault finding. This approach enables E5 to utilize our investigations as excellent learning resources.

Program Administration
E5's detailed Program Administration provides for the evaluation of the overall effectiveness of your health & safety program. Communication, employee participation, the process for corrective action, record keeping and the evaluation process are all addressed in this element.


Requests for Safety Information

If you have any questions regarding our Health, Safety and Environment Policies or Programs, or you require information such as our Injury Frequency Rate, Injury Severity Rate, you can contact us direct or via email at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . We welcome your feedback or comments on our Health, Safety and Environment programs.

Safety Manual

Not having a written Safety Manual is like having a construction crew without a blueprint, or a factory without a production plan. E5's formal safety program is a set of written documents that describe our safety policies, priorities, and responsibilities. The program is designed to bring structure and consistency into our accident prevention efforts. Our written Health & Safety Program (Safety Manual) is available in PDF form only. You'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader, a free software product, to view the materials. It's available for download at www.adobe.com. Direct your requests for the PDF of our manual to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

If contacting us for information via email, be sure to clearly state in the body of your email - your name, telephone number, company name, and the reasons you require the information.

E5's Safety Program Benefits our Customers

Our safety program is beneficial to our company, our customers and our industry partners. A health and safety program that is lead by management and has the participation of everyone in the organization will result in the prevention of incidents, and the human and financial costs associated with them. To date at E5 Group there has not been a work related injury or illness and we intend to keep it that way.

How does it benefit our customers?

  • It is too costly for E5 Group and / or it's customers to have key assets - our employees, injured. The prevention of incidents results in cost savings associated with lost time and compensation. Revenue saved by E5 Group is available to be spent on other programs or improvements that directly benefit our customers in other ways.
  • Employees when provided with good job instruction, proper feedback on their performance and training in safe work procedures, will do the job safely. In the critical power industry the only way to do the job happens to be the safe way, which is also the most efficient way, and results in far less potential for property damage. The majority of an E5 Group Technician's working hours are spent in a customer's facility, therefore incident prevention through heightened safety awareness, reduces the potential for property damage to our customers equipment and facility.
  • Safe work preparation and implementation methods are nearly identical to those employed in the E5 Group Field Service Work Standards & Procedures. These work standards and procedures were developed specifically for use while working in or on mission critical installations. E5 Group believes that any company working within the mission critical industry must have in place both a recognized "Health & Safety Program" and "Field Service Work Standards & Procedures" in order to safe guard our customers’ business interests.
  • Most incidents do not result in injuries. They more often result in product or equipment damage that causes costly unplanned outages, production delays, material losses, etc. Unplanned events should make us question whether everything reasonable was in fact done to prevent that unplanned event. Safe work practices substantially reduce the likelihood of such events occurring.
  • Health and safety at the worksite is a shared responsibility between E5 Group and the customer. We must both ensure that we have done everything reasonable to protect workers from injury and illness. Non-compliance with legal requirements can be very damaging to both E5 Group and its customer. Our customers deserve the piece of mind in knowing that E5 Group is managing its part of this shared responsibility.
  • Increased safety awareness means our employees are better able to recognize any potential hazards within a customer's facility. Communicating the presence of the hazard directly to the customer mitigates our customer's risk to their facility and reduces their liability exposure.
  • The critical nature of our work often requires that E5 Group employees carry out their work in the presence of a customer's employee or representative. Through safe work practices and an increased awareness our employees are better suited to protect our customer's employees from harm while working together. E5 Group often extends invitations to our customers to send their employees to our first aid training courses. The life that first aid can save could very well be one of our customer's employees.
  • E5 Group believes that it has an obligation to provide its employees with a safe and healthful work place. Employees should expect to leave work in as good a condition as when they arrived. The benefit of such a response is increased motivation, improved morale and better efficiency among employees. This ultimately leads to higher quality products and services at reduced cost to our customers.
  • The principles of a health and safety program can be applied to other areas of our business including professional services such as Engineering, Design and Construction. We can minimize our customer's construction and ownership costs by ensuring that the necessary engineering hazard controls are incorporated into the design from the beginning. The principles can also be directly applied to our Facilities Management Services. It is virtually impossible to maintain maximum efficiency and reliability of a critical facility without employing safe work practices. E5 Group has incorporated it's safe work practices into the "Guideline For Working Safely In A Data Centre Environment" to obtain maximum availability and reliability for our customer's sites.
  • Environmental Responsibility: Non-compliance with environmental legal requirements can be very damaging to the reputations of both E5 Group and its customer. Our customers deserve the piece of mind in knowing that E5 Group is managing theirs, and their customer's environmental responsibilities. We are able to assist our customers practice due diligence, keep in compliance and achieve their environmental management objectives. E5 Group has trained and certified all of its employees in the handling, transport and disposal of hazardous materials including Class 8, "Corrosive", hazardous materials like batteries.

These are but a few of the many ways in which E5 Group's health & safety program benefits our customers both directly and indirectly.


About Environmental Compliance

In Alberta, the regulations for environmental compliance are extensive. All companies have a legal and morale responsibility to understand their environmental responsibilities outlined in:

  • Federal and provincial environmental legislation;
  • Municipal, county or district bylaws; and
  • Codes of practice, guidelines and standards that may be partly or wholly applicable.

In Alberta, the two most important environmental laws are the Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act (EPEA) and the Water Act. Both clearly state, that it's not only critical that a business comply with the law, it's also vital that a business be able to show environmental "due diligence" in its operations.

In general, "due diligence" means "taking every step reasonable in the circumstances to anticipate and prevent an environmental offence from occurring." Due diligence is allowed as a legitimate defence if you are charged with an offence under EPEA and its regulations.

In order to prove "due diligence" a company must be able to demonstrate that it had implemented environmental management systems adequate to prevent the commission of the offence, and that these systems were working in practice.