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Design Value

Today's critical infrastructures require leading-edge design to optimize performance, efficiency and use. Good initial design can enhance a projects value through exploration of alternatives, analysis of long term operating and maintenance costs, and innovative design. Design efforts in the planning and design phase can significantly reduce a projects life cycle costs and yield savings far in excess of the incremental design cost.

E5 recognizes the value of good engineering and design and has established relationships with firms that are well suited to the types of projects you may require. We can recommend design firms for you, work with your preferred consultants, or provide Design Coordination services. Either way, our experts are here to assist you and the design professionals. We place a high priority on working in partnership with you and a team of experts.


Design Coordination Services

As projects develop in complexity, effectively communicating designs and design changes between architects, designers, electrical, and structural engineers becomes increasingly important. Our input can streamline the communication process and provide you with additional cost savings, ramped-up quality assurances, and optimized designs. We'll work together with you and a selection of design consultants in a professional manner based on mutual trust, understanding and respect to assure a successful project.

E5's Design Coordination Services include:

    • Helping you define your project, its complexity, size, and objectives as clearly and precisely as possible. When the scope of work is well defined the engineers and designers are better able to provide accurate cost and resource estimates.
    • Assisting you in structuring the project and in determining which engineering and design services are required from a project's start to finish and/or at specific phases of the project.
    • Identifying all the categories of work that the engineers and designers are likely to be called upon to perform including those items that are considered to be outside the scope of the engineering and design service.
    • Preparing a preliminary cost estimate for the cost of the engineering and design services. Where preliminary engineering has been completed and the scope of the project has been well defined the cost estimate will reflect the total project cost.
    • Jointly identifying qualified engineering and design firms. A firm may be selected by direct appointment based on previous successful relationships on related projects, or if the project is large enough to justify the additional management cost a formal selection process can be used. Where a known consultant is well suited to the project, a direct appointment can be the most efficient manner of selection.
    • Negotiating the terms of reference and fee arrangements with the chosen design firms and finalizing the scope of the assignment through an agreement.
    • Working with you to assure revision management/control on all engineering documentation throughout the project duration.

E5 is structured to provide customers with Design Coordination Services that are exclusive to our products and solutions. Given the variety of unique situations and project requirements, we have provided only a general outline of how we can help you through the engineering design phase. Alternative solutions are available to meet your needs.