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Project Support

Project Management Support is an essential element in the planning and execution of any business undertaking. E5 is structured to provide customers with project management support that is exclusive to our products and solutions.

Our expertise covers the full spectrum of services from feasibility studies, logistics analysis, and risk management to construction and commissioning of the finished plant. Through construction, testing and occupation, we ensure the standards of quality control and environmental management regardless of project size, budget or timeline.

We can help you through any or all of the project phases;

  • Project Initiation – determining the nature and scope of development
    E5's successful project initiation includes starting from idea realization to analyzing the business needs and development of a business case, through conceptual design and defining equipment requirements, to financial analysis of the costs / benefits and budget, identifying resource constraints and documenting the tasks, deliverables and schedule.
  • Project Planning – designing the system
    Project Planning is critical to successful resourcing and execution of the project activities. E5 helps with the development of the overall project structure, the activities, the work plan including defining the work packages, and the timeline that form the basis of the project throughout the project lifecycle.
  • Project Implementation – managing deliverables
    Using key project controls to ensure that project activities are executed, tracked and measured against the project plan and project structure E5 can help ensure that the end product functions as intended, meets quality standards and is within time and budget constraints. We will share in the responsibility for managing the work packages to ensure the work is progressing at the rate required to achieve the milestones and deliverables envisaged.
  • Project Close Out and Maintenance – formal acceptance and continuous support
    Key to continuous process improvement E5 assists with defining a formal process for ending the project, including evaluating the successful aspects of the project as well as identifying opportunities for improvement that can be leveraged in future projects. We can assist with administrative duties like the archiving of files, compiling a final record to show all changes, assembly of as–built drawings, operating and maintenance manuals all of which are critical to ensure continuing support to end users.

Project Support Team

Projects benefit significantly from the creation of a Project Management Support Team. As any project manager will tell you the secret of a successful project is good, comprehensive, accurate planning and a project management team formed to facilitate project management.

E5 can establish a project support team for you, establish and operate a project support team or be an active participant of your appointed project team working with your preferred project manager. Either way, our project support group is here to assist you and the project professionals and to ensure that corporate project management standards and procedures are followed. We place a high priority on working in partnership with you and a team of experts.


An E5 Project Support Team:

  • Is comprised of stakeholders and industry experts making suggestions, developing standards, and preventing time consuming mistakes. Their skills, talents and experience are pooled together providing the customer with the best choice of expertise. In addition, they ensure that "creative thinking" stays within reasonable boundaries.
  • Makes it easy for employees, contractors, managers and decision–makers to work closer together to achieve success. The team effectively communicates to everyone involved with a variety of reports and action plans.
  • Accommodates the customer's needs for practical advice on all aspects of the undertaken project.
  • Defines and outlines the preliminary work typically done for a project through collaborative team meetings. A process is presented for determining the needs (requirements) and wants (desirable features) of the customer to further achieve project goals.
  • Corallites a "how–to" for developing a project plan in all of its component parts. The team begins with a flexible, group–oriented process for developing the overall plan. In this process, the basic structure of the project is laid out and details of individual tasks, responsibilities and schedule are added through successive passes through the plan.
  • Finds ways around obstacles that cause the typical constraints of time, resources and output.
  • Collaborates with contractors and project professionals to ensure data, communication and streamlines of work flow efficiently.
  • Plans the work and works the plan. In essence, that is the key to successful project management.
  • Is comprehensively familiar with the specialized systems within a critical environment helping reduce cost and duration, and increased quality over the life of the project.
  • Is differentiated from the competition through extensive experience, technological expertise, customized plans and specifications, and exceptional dedication to trouble free customer service.

Live System Integration

E5 takes Project Management to a superior level with our ability to understand, plan and implement complex mission critical projects involving live system integration.

  • We are committed to the integrity of our projects, relationships and a team effort in achieving complex mission critical solutions. Our success is determined by how well we manage our projects, how much we empower our core team and how effectively we utilize our resources of talent, knowledge and expertise. To meet the Project Management demands of live system integration E5 provides uncompromising standards in all project phases – Initiation, Planning, Implementation, and Closeout & Maintenance.

Given the variety of unique situations and project requirements, we have provided only a general outline of how we can help you with managing your projects. Customized solutions are available to meet your needs.