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Seamless coordination in monitoring and controlling critical power equipment is essential to maintaining 100% uptime. E5's Monitoring and Control systems facilitate rapid system response, controlled operating costs and extend the reliability of your mission critical equipment.


  • Building management functions can be accessed through a browser
  • Communicates over the internet or intranet without special software or plug-ins
  • Spreadsheet style report generator
  • Set and change schedules
  • Adjust set points and other control parameters
  • 128-bit encryption for security
  • Works with various operating systems such as Windows, Linux, and Sun Solaris
  • Works with all major databases such as Microsoft Access, MS SQL Server, Oracle and IBM DB2
  • Fully compatible with legacy ALC systems

Room Sensors

  • Designed for both single and unitary-equipment application controllers
  • Precise 10K ohm thermistor with +- 0.36 F (0.2 C) standard accuracy and less than 0.18 F (0.1 C) drift over a ten year span – no maintenance or re—calibration required.
  • Room sensors can be changed without calibrations
  • Laptop communication jack
  • Mounts on a standard 2" by 4" electrical box

Multi-Equipment Controllers

  • Multi-equipment capabilities support general HVAC applications including complex central plants
  • Expandable controllers are offered in I/O configurations that scale up to 192 points
  • 32 bit-microprocessor
  • Removable screw terminal strips
  • Up to 34 relay outputs
  • Additional modbus inputs & outputs
  • Self-monitoring for increased reliability
  • NMS/BMS integration friendly
  • Fully NMS manageable with SNMP, get, set & traps
  • User programmable relay control logic
  • Dual input power option

VAV Controllers with Integral Flow Sensors and Actuators

  • Controllers feature integral actuators and flow sensors
  • Works with all types of pressure independent VAV applications including cooling only, cooling with modulated hot water re-heat, cooling with electric re-heat, constant volume boxes and dual duct boxes
  • Precision air flow sensor integral to the controller
  • Optical isolation provided for communication
  • Fully programmable and include a backup default algorithm for full standalone operation

Alarm Notification Methods

  • Auto dial systems
  • Text, numeric & alphanumeric paging
  • E-mail
  • Persistent SNMP traps
  • Web browser interface

Internet/Intranet Accessible

  • View equipment status
  • View alarms & logs
  • Configure settings
  • Activate relays
  • Link to other IP addressable devices

Internal Logging

  • Last 256 alarms
  • Color coded
  • Acknowledged alarm
  • Returned to normal
  • Date & time of alarm
  • Date & time of return to normal

Security Monitoring

  • Surveillance & access control
  • Displays images from up to 10 IP cameras
  • Direct keypad connection for access control
  • Card reader integration