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Our facility layout experts will design an efficient floor plan that minimizes equipment foot print within your facility. Together with the applications engineering of our partners and our own in house applications specialists we can create layouts for the engineers, architects, developers, and/or building contractors or design layout changes to your current location.

E5 Group has the tools and team to:

  • Ensure that all necessary equipment fits into the room. Review floor loading, weight distribution, service clearance, and machine area. Exact weights and dimensions are supplied with the individual product specifications.
  • Ensure that all manufacturer clearances are followed for each piece of equipment. These clearances provide space to open doors for maintenance and/or remedial repair. Exact clearance dimensions are supplied with the individual product specifications.
  • Ensure that sufficient space is available for proper heat dissipation and between devices for good air flow from the cooling systems.
  • Determine physical and logical priority. Equipment may require physical or logical positioning in relation to other equipment that would dictate where that equipment must be placed. Such equipment would be situated in your floor layout diagrams first, before other equipment that does not require precise positioning. Planning guides are supplied with the individual product specifications.
  • Allow for future additional equipment that might be required.
  • Plan power and cable paths so that space is available between devices in the event that equipment must be moved after the cables have been installed. Power and cable requirements are supplied with the individual product specifications.

Plan and Prepare for placement:

Before you pick it up, you must be ready to set it down. Likewise, if you are not ready to set it down, you are not ready to lift it up. Preparing for placement is the first rule for any kind of material handling.

  • Our experts will work with the engineers, architects, developers, and/or building contractors to identify what changes if any might be required to the facility envelope to facilitate large or heavy equipment placement.
  • Our technicians will assist the engineers and/or building contractors in marking the exact locations of equipment to be placed on the floor.

Plan and Prepare for Rigging of Heavy Loads:

  • Rigging of heavy loads is planned and prepared to ensure OH&S policies and procedures are followed. The work is checked against job requirements and appropriately sequenced in accordance with the requirements.
  • Appropriate personnel are consulted to ensure the work is coordinated effectively with others involved on the work site.
  • Tools, equipment and materials needed to carry out the work are obtained and checked for correct operation and safety in accordance with established procedures.
  • Preparatory work is checked to ensure no unnecessary damage will occur and complies with requirements.

Perform rigging of heavy loads:

  • OH&S policies and procedures for rigging of heavy loads are followed
  • Heavy loads are rigged in accordance with requirements, without damage or distortion to the surrounding environment
  • Unplanned events or conditions are responded to in accordance with established procedures Approval is obtained from appropriate personnel before any contingencies are implemented
  • On-going checks of the quality of the work are undertaken in accordance with established procedures

Inspect and notify completion of work:

  • Final inspections are undertaken to ensure the work conforms to requirements
  • Appropriate personnel are notified of work completion